Gluten free food at Tavern on the Square

Are you wondering whether Tavern in the Square offers gluten free options? Or maybe you want to hear more about allergen protocols that are employed to prevent cross contamination at Tavern in the Square? Well either way, you are in the right place! In this article we tell you everything you need to know about gluten free food at Tavern in the Square.

We start out by providing an overall rating for Tavern in the Square. This will help you determine how Tavern in the Square compares to similar restaurants in the area. After that, we provide some high level details about Tavern in the Square that will help you decide whether it is the right restaurant for you. Next, we provide specific information on gluten free options that are available and precautions that are taken to prevent cross contamination. Finally, we provide a detailed review and recommend some of our favorite dishes on the menu.

Disclaimer. The information in this article is subject to change over time. We recommend contacting the restaurant directly to confirm the information listed here.

Gluten free mac and cheese from Tavern in the Square in Burlington, Massachusetts

Overall rating for Tavern in the Square

How does the food and dining experience at Tavern in the Square compare other restaurants in the area? Here are our ratings for Tavern in the Square.

  • Overall rating: 4/5
  • Quality of food: 4/5
  • Ambiance and decor: 4/5
  • Prevalence of gluten free options: 5/5

Tavern in the Square at a glance

Do you have any special needs or preferences? In this section, we will provide more information about Tavern in the Square to help you decide whether this is the best restaurant for you!

  • Type of restaurant: Sit down, upscale sports bar
  • Type of food: American
  • Price: Moderate
  • Reservations recommended: Sometimes, especially during popular sporting events
  • Outdoor seating available: Yes (may vary based on location)
  • Allows dogs: No (may vary based on location)
  • Other dietary restrictions: Vegetarian options
  • Location: Multiple locations across New England (Boston, Lowell, West Hartford, and more)

Gluten free food at Tavern in the Square

In this section, we will discuss the gluten free food options that are available at Tavern in the square. This will help you to assess the risk of cross contamination at the restaurant. It will also give you an idea of what types of gluten free options are available.

  • Dedicated to gluten free food: No
  • Gluten free menu: Yes, most locations have a gluten free menu
  • Gluten free fryer: Yes, most locations have a gluten free fryer
  • Gluten free rolls: Has gluten free bread, buns
  • Separate cooking spaces: Yes, most locations have separate cooking spaces
  • Types of gluten free dishes: Appetizers, salads, sides, pizzas, entrees, desserts
  • Examples of gluten free dishes:
    • Fried pickle chips
    • Buffalo cauliflower
    • Bang bang broccoli
    • Chicken wings
    • Nachos
    • Southwest tots
    • Cornflake fried chicken tenders
    • Garden veggie pizza
    • Kale and quinoa salad
    • Cobb salad with country fried chicken
    • Steak and avocado salad
    • Nashville hot fried chicken sandwich
    • Picante burger
    • Beyond burger
    • Roasted vegetable quinoa bowl
    • Mesquite chicken bowl
    • Sesame salmon bowl
    • Bayou chicken pasta
    • Fish and chips
    • General Tso’s chicken
    • Blackened fish tacos
    • Sirloin steak tips
    • Mac and cheese
    • Flourless chocolate cake

Review of Tavern in the Square

There is a lot to love about Tavern in the Square. As someone who generally prefers to try new restaurants rather than return to restaurants I have enjoyed before, I have been known to return to Tavern in the Square over and over again. It is hard to stay away when the food, the drinks, and the atmosphere are all so fun.

There are three things that we love about the food at Tavern in the Square. The first is simple – their food is straight up delicious. They use fresh ingredients and put together some great flavor combinations. Our next favorite thing about the food at Tavern in the Square is that a huge portion of the menu is gluten free or can easily be made gluten free. As if that was all not enough – they also have excellent allergy protocols and really go out of their way to minimize the chances of cross contamination in their kitchen.

As if the delicious food wasn’t enough, the drinks at Tavern in the Square are just as good as the food. I am particularly fond of their flavored margaritas. They have a wide range of flavors spanning from strawberry to blackberry and passion fruit. They also offer pitchers of margaritas and margarita towers if you have enough people in your party who want to participate. Sharing a margarita tower with friends over brunch is one of our favorite ways to celebrate low key occasions.

Most Tavern in the Square locations also have a lively atmosphere that makes the dining experience really enjoyable. All of their locations have well selected music, outgoing staff, and lots of excitement in the air. This is especially true during popular sporting events.

Recommended gluten free dishes at Tavern in the Square

In this section, we will discuss some of our favorite gluten free dishes at Tavern in the Square. All of their gluten free dishes are so good that it is hard to pick favorites, but we did!

  • Bang bang broccoli. The bang bang broccoli appetizer is easily our favorite gluten free item on the menu at Tavern in the Square. This dish consists of fresh broccoli that is tempura battered then deep fried until it is perfectly crispy. Once the broccoli is done cooking, it is coated in a chili garlic sauce that is a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and all around delicious.
  • Mac and cheese. The mac and cheese is another one of our absolute favorite items on the menu at Tavern in the Square. Their mac and cheese is made with a creamy cheese sauce that includes four different types of cheese. The cheese blend they use is amazing and delivers the perfect balance between creamy and cheesy. You can also add buffalo chicken or crispy fried chicken to this dish for a small fee.
  • Bayou chicken pasta. The bayou chicken pasta is another classic dish that has a little bit of a kick to it. This pasta dish is made with spicy blackened chicken, sweet corn, jalapeños, and of course lots of gluten free pasta. It is topped with a creamy parmesan cream sauce that perfectly melds all of the flavors together.

Contact information for Tavern in the Square

  • Location: Multiple locations
  • Website:
  • Phone number: Each location has a different phone number
  • Hours: Note that hours may vary based on location.
    • Weekdays: 11:30am – 12am or 1am
    • Weekends: 10 am – 12am or 1am

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