Gluten free restaurants in New York City

Are you looking for a nice sit down restaurant where you can enjoy a gluten free meal with friends in New York City? Or maybe you are looking for a more casual spot where you can grab a gluten free meal on the go? Well either way, you are in the right place! In this article, we discuss all of our favorite gluten free restaurants in New York City. In particular, we focus on restaurants that are celiac safe.

For each restaurant that we discuss in this article, we will provide some information on a specific set of characteristics that will help you determine whether that restaurant suits your preferences. We start this article out by discussing those characteristics. After that, we discuss some of our favorite restaurants in New York City that offer gluten free options. These are places that we just can’t get enough of. After that, we take a moment to mention a few other places that we do not frequent quite as often that also have good gluten free options.

Characteristics of gluten free restaurants in New York City

For each gluten free restaurant that we mention in this article, we will provide information on the following characteristics. This will help you find the restaurant that best suits your tastes and preferences.

  • Gluten free status. First, we will discuss the gluten free status of each restaurant. This will include information on whether the restaurant is dedicated to gluten free food or whether it also serves food that contains gluten. If the restaurant is not dedicated to gluten free food, we will provide additional information to help assess the risk of cross contamination.
  • Other dietary restrictions. After that, we will discuss other dietary restrictions that each restaurant caters to. Some of these restaurants are specifically known for their gluten free offerings, whereas others can accommodate a range of food allergies and dietary restrictions.
  • Cuisine. Next, we will talk about the food that is served at each restaurant. First, we will discuss the main type(s) of cuisine that the menu draws inspiration from. After that, we will discuss any specialties that the restaurant focuses on.
  • Atmosphere. Next, we will describe the atmosphere at each restaurant. This will include information on the level of formality and the energy level of each restaurant. It will also include information on the ambiance and decor.
  • Location. After that, we will provide information on the location of each restaurant.
  • Seating. Finally, we will discuss the seating options that are available at each restaurant. This will include a discussion of whether indoor or outdoor seating is available. It will also include a discussion of whether reservations are recommended or required.

Our favorite gluten free restaurants in New York City

Now that we have laid out the characteristics that we will use to provide more information on each of these gluten free restaurants, we will take some time to discuss our absolute favorite gluten free restaurants in the city. These are spots that we absolutely love that we return to time after time. Note that these spots are listed roughly in terms of preference, with our favorite spots appearing towards the top of the list.

Nami Nori

Nami Nori is without a doubt one of our absolute favorite restaurants in New York City. Nami Nori is a really unique sushi restaurant that serves creative sushi rolls that are not quite like any other sushi rolls that we have had in the city. Not only are the sushi rolls unique, but they are also absolutely delicious! They load their sushi rolls up with carefully crafted mixtures of flavorful toppings and even more flavorful sauces to ensure that every bite is bursting with flavor. Not only is the food delicious (and it is certainly delicious), but it is also dedicated gluten free. They also have an excellent selection of vegan and vegetarian sushi rolls. This is a spot that you absolutely cannot miss if you are in the New York area.

  • Gluten free status. Nami Nori is a dedicated gluten free restaurant.
  • Other dietary restrictions. Nami Nori has some of the best vegetarian and vegan sushi options in the New York City area. Vegan options are anything but an afterthought here. Vegan sushi options are clearly labeled.
  • Cuisine. Nami Nori is a Japanese restaurant with a menu that largely focuses on sushi rolls.
  • Atmosphere. Nami Nori is a super trendy spot with stylish decor. The restaurant is decorated with sleek wooden decor that feels right at home in a trendy sushi restaurant. The space is lit up with warm lights that make the space feel bright and cheery rather than austere. This is a really fun spot to grab a meal with friends and catch up. It is especially popular with the younger crowd and there is always a buzz of excitement in the air.
  • Location. Nami Nori actually has three different locations in the New York City area. There is one location in Manhattan that is situated near Greenwich Village. They have another location in Brooklyn that is located in Williamsburg. The third location is in New Jersey.
  • Seating. The seating options vary depending on which location you are interested in. Most of the locations have a mixture of indoor seating and outdoor seating, with the majority of the seating being indoors. These are popular spots so reservations are recommended. Lunch reservations can often be made a few days ahead of time, especially if you are not looking at the Manhattan location (which tends to book up faster). For dinner reservations, or for any reservations in Manhattan, you are best off booking reservations a few weeks ahead of time when reservations open up.
Sushi from Nami Nori in Brooklyn
Churro from Nami Nori in Brooklyn


Claro is another spot that you absolutely can’t miss when you are in New York City! It is a dedicated gluten free Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn that has a Michelin Star. Their food more closely resembles traditional Mexican food than Americanized Mexican food, but they do incorporate some nontraditional ingredients into their dishes. This is an all around great spot with thematic decor, friendly staff, and delicious food. It is relatively casual compared to some of the other restaurants in the city with a Michelin Star, so it is also a great place to go to if you want to get some amazing food without having to dress up.

  • Gluten free status. Claro is a dedicated gluten free restaurant. All of the food that they serve is gluten free.
  • Other dietary restrictions. Claro is generally accommodating of food allergies and dietary restrictions and may be able to accommodate a range of restrictions. That being said, they are best known for being a great spot for gluten free diners.
  • Cuisine. Claro is a Mexican restaurant that serves fairly traditional Mexican cuisine.
  • Atmosphere. Claro is a nice spot that has thematic decor that makes reference to Mexican culture. There are brightly colored tiles and splashes of greenery strategically placed throughout the indoor and outdoor dining areas to bring a little more color to the place. This is a nice spot that strikes a nice balance of having fun, energetic vibes without being too over the top. They have some of the best and friendliest staff in the area. It is always a pleasure to eat at Claro.
  • Location. Claro is located in Brooklyn, on a bustling street in Gowanus. It is located near Park Slope and is just a short walk from many of the most popular streets in Park Slope.
  • Seating. Claro has a mixture of indoor and outdoor seating options. They have a large patio out back that can accommodate a large number of people, so this is an excellent spot if you are looking for a nice spot where you can grab a meal outside. This is a really popular spot, so we recommend making reservations far in advance. We usually make reservations a few weeks in advance.
Tostadas from Clara in Brooklyn
Masa pancakes from Clara in Brooklyn

Risotteria Melotti

Risotteria Melotti is a small, casual Italian restaurant in the East Village that is dedicated to gluten free food. As the name suggests, the menu has a heavy focus on risotto and different presentations of risotto. Even the dishes that are not variations of risotto are heavily rice based. We will warn that Risotteria Melotti is a spot that is best suited for risotto lovers. They have a fairly limited menu, much of which revolves around risotto, and there are not many other options for entrees. But if you are a risotto lover, this is known to be one of the best places in the city to enjoy a plate of risotto.

  • Gluten free status. Risotteria Melotti is a dedicated gluten free restaurant as well.
  • Other dietary restrictions. Risotteria Melotti has a range of vegetarian options available for those who maintain a vegetarian diet. They can also accommodate people who maintain a vegan diet, but the options are a little more limited.
  • Cuisine. Risotteria Melotti is an Italian restaurant that specializes in risotto. We will warn that if you are not a fan of risotto, you are better off looking elsewhere. They do not have many entrees on their menu that are not risotto-centric.
  • Atmosphere. Risotteria Melotti is a cute, casual spot that feels just like home. It is a cozy spot that is nicely decorated and has friendly, accommodating staff. This is a good place to go if you are looking for a relatively laid back spot to get some nice Italian food.
  • Location. Risotteria Melotti is located in the East Village on a bustling street that is lined with lots of other shops and restaurants. It is generally pretty easy to access via public transportation.
  • Seating. Risotteria Melotti has a mixture of indoor and outdoor seating available, but most of the seating is located indoors. The restaurant is relatively small and it is located in a popular part of the city, so it is generally a good idea to make a reservation in advance if you plan to attend during a busy time like peak weekend dinner hours. You can generally get by with making reservations just a few days in advance.
Risotto from Risotteria Melotti in Manhattan
Bruschetta from Risotteria Melotti in Manhattan

Other gluten free restaurants in New York City

Before we wrap up, we will take a moment to mention a few other spots that we love in New York City. These are places that we are less familiar with and have only been to once or twice, so we do not have as much to say about them. That being said, they are still spots that have some great gluten free options.

Modern Bread and Bagel

Modern Bread & Bagel is one of the most famous establishments in all of New York City when it comes to gluten free food. Every time we tell someone with celiac disease that we are going to New York City, Modern Bread & Bagel is the first spot they mention. This is a super popular bagel shop that primarily focuses on breads, bagels, and sandwiches. They also offer some other items, but almost everyone who goes there goes for the bread and bagels. Their bagels are so good that people order them from all over the United States to enjoy at home.

Lily and Loo

Lily and Loo is a cute pan-Asian restaurant with a menu that largely draws inspiration from Japanese cuisine. They have a large sushi menu that contains some fun fusion options like pizza sushi and jalapeño popper sushi, as well as more traditional sushi options. They also have a large and varied menu of other Asian-inspired appetizers, entrees, and desserts. While Lily and Loo is not a dedicated gluten free facility, a large portion of their menu can be made gluten free and they employ strict protocols to prevent cross contamination. While some of their dishes are definitely better than others, they have lots of good options that are safe for those who are sensitive to cross contamination. Lily and Loo is conveniently located on the Upper East Side, just a little bit north of the heart of Midtown.

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