7 Vegetarian quesadilla recipes

Are you looking for a new vegetarian quesadilla recipe with a little bit extra pizzaz? Then check out our favorite vegetarian quesadilla recipes so that you can find the quesadilla that is perfect for you. From our tangy Italian quesadilla to our creamy guacamole quesadilla, all of our savory quesadilla recipes are guaranteed to delight.

But what if you are in the mood for something a little more sweet? We have an option for that too! Our sweet and salty apple cinnamon quesadillas are stuffed with warm spiced apples and creamy cheese then dipped in a scrumptious cinnamon sugar coating.

Savory vegetarian quesadilla recipes

Guacamole quesadilla
These creamy guacamole quesadillas are absolutely perfect for all you avocado lovers out there! These tasty vegetarian friendly quesadillas are stuffed with sharp cheddar cheese and an easy homemade guacamole recipe that is made with avocados, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and lime juice.
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Two guacamole quesadillas cut into thirds.
Poblano quesadillas
Are you looking for a fun vegetarian friendly quesadilla recipe that is packed with sizzling fajita-style vegetables? Then check out this recipe for poblano quesadillas. These tasty poblano quesadillas are loaded with spicy pepper jack cheese, cream cheese, and loads of onion and poblano pepper strips that have been cooked to perfection.
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A poblano quesadilla with cheese, onions, and poblano peppers. There is a poblano pepper and a cutting board in the background.
Italian quesadilla
This easy Italian quesadilla recipe is packed with fresh Italian flavors that are guaranteed to please. These tasty vegetarian friendly quesadillas are stuffed with a mixture of mozzarella and sharp cheddar cheese then finished off with tangy sun dried tomatoes, red onions, spinach, and garlic. They are perfect for nights when you are having trouble deciding between Mexican and Italian.
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An italian quesadilla on a white plate with gold speckles.
Pineapple quesadilla
These cheesy pineapple quesadillas are the perfect combination of sweet, savory, and spicy. They are packed with sweet caramelized pineapple, spicy jalapeño, zesty green onion, and hearty black beans. These flavors are all pulled together by the creamy flavor of the monterey jack cheese and cream cheese that are oozing out of these quesadillas. These pineapple quesadillas are perfect for vegetarian quesadilla lovers who are looking for an extra serving of protein.
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Six pineapple quesadilla pieces in a stack. There is cheese, pineapple, black beans, and jalapenos visible inside the quesadilla slices.
Plantain quesadillas
These tasty plantain quesadillas strike the perfect balance between sweet and savory! They are loaded with fried sweet plantains, tangy pineapple, spicy jalapeño, cream cheese, and of course lots of creamy monterey jack cheese. This recipe for plantain quesadillas is vegetarian friendly, egg free, and nut free.
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A fully cooked plantain quesadilla sliced in 3 slices. here is cheese, jalapenos, and plantains visible inside the quesadilla. There is a bowl of guacamole in the background.
Southwest veggie quesadillas
Are you looking for an easy quesadilla recipe that is packed with tasty veggies? Then check out this recipe for southwest veggie quesadillas. These tasty southwest quesadillas are made with peppers, onions, corn, beans, tomatoes and of course – lots of melty cheese! These vegetarian friendly quesadillas are perfect for picky eaters who are looking to sneak a few servings of vegetables into a classic comfort food.
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Four pieces of southwest veggie quesadillas with cheese, corn, black beans, onions, and bell peppers poking ou of the sides. There is guacamole in the background of the southwest veggie quesadillas.

Sweet vegetarian quesadilla recipes

Apple cinnamon quesadillas
Are you looking for a cheesy quesadilla recipe that is sweet rather than savory? Then check out this recipe for apple cinnamon quesadillas! These tasty apple cinnamon quesadillas are stuffed with creamy monterey jack cheese and warm spiced apples. The quesadillas are fried until they are nice and crispy then doused in a sweet cinnamon sugar mixture.
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Apple cinnamon quesadillas with cinnamon sugar on the outsides. There are apples behind the quesadillas.

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