About us

Who we are

Howdy! My name is Christina and I am the main recipe developer, writer, and photographer here at A Gluten Free Plate! I have a severe gluten intolerance so all of my recipes are gluten free. I have a preference for vegetarian cooking and vegan baking, so you can also expect to find lots of tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes on my site. 

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A zoomed in picture of a woman's face. The woman has medium brown hair and hazel eyes and is smiling at the camera.

Our philosophy on cooking

We aim to create easy recipes for people with dietary restrictions. Navigating the world with dietary restrictions is challenging enough by itself – no need to further complicate things with difficult recipes. We love to experiment with recipes by adding and removing ingredients to see what is really essential. If we think we can remove an ingredient without impacting the quality of the recipe – we will do it! We provide all the tips we can to prevent you from doing any unnecessary work or dishes!

Another pillar of our philosophy is that we want to teach techniques, not just recipes. We want to provide you with all the tools you need so that you can feel empowered to go out and create your own recipes!

Republishing our materials

All of the content on our blog is protected under copyright laws. This means that you cannot republish the content you find here unless you are given permission by us. There are certain use cases for which we allow anyone to use our content and other use cases for which we require permission to be granted on a case-by-case basis. 

Using our photos to promote our blog: Anyone is free to use up to one photo per blog post to promote our blog. We define promoting our blog as any use case where you clearly attribute the content back to our blog and include a link back to the original post. You must always include a link back to our site when you republish any of our content. Here are some examples of use cases where we allow our photos to be republished:

  • Recipe critics and food bloggers. If you are a recipe critic or food blogger that has recreated one of our recipes, feel free to include one of our photos in your post! Note that you cannot republish the text of our recipes without explicit permission. 
  • Compilations of recipes. If you are writing an article that compiles a list of recipes from across the web, such as an article on your ‘top 10 favorite fall recipes’, you are free to use one of our photos! Just make sure to link back to our website instead of posting the text of our recipe on your website.
  • General promotion. You are free to use up to one photo we publish anywhere on our blog as general promotional material for our blog. An example of this might be including our site in a post on useful resources for people with celiac disease. 
  • Social media. We allow visitors to use up to one photo per blog post to publish their own Pinterest pins, Tweets, and Facebook posts under the condition that they link directly back to the article the photo was originally published in. If you are creating a Pinterest pin, the pin must click through to an address on our site. We require special permission to use our photos on sites like Instagram where you cannot include clickable links in the post. 

Other uses of our photos: You must contact us for permission to use our photos for any other purposes. We do not allow our photos to be used as clip art or stock photos unless a licensing agreement has been signed by our management. You can reach us at aglutenfreeplate@gmail.com.

Recipes: We do not allow the text of our recipes or blog posts to be reposted without our explicit permission. We handle these requests on a case-by-case basis so reach out to us at aglutenfreeplate@gmail.com.


We love collaborating with other food bloggers and brands! Contact us at aglutenfreeplate@gmail.com if you are looking for guest posts on your own blog, want to write a guest post for our blog, or you want to collaborate in any other way! 

Other recipe sites we love

Are you looking for more recipe ideas? Some other sites we love to look at for inspiration are Cookie and Kate, Isabel Eats, Laylita, and A Pinch of Yum. Note that most of these sites are not dedicated specifically to gluten free recipes, but many of their recipes can be easily adapted to be gluten free!

Check out some of our favorite recipes!

The spinach grilled cheese sandwiches cut diagonally into triangles. There is spinach, garlic, onion, and cheese pouring out of the side of the spinach grilled cheese sandwiches.

Spinach grilled cheese

Gnocchi with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes in a creamy pesto sauce. The image is zoomed in closely on the gnocchi.

Creamy pesto gnocchi

Five gluten free and vegan carrot cake cupcakes on a gray plate. A few carrots are in the background.

Carrot cake cupcakes