Gluten free breweries in Portland Oregon

Are you wondering which of Portland’s many gluten free breweries, taprooms, and cideries you should visit next? Well then you are in the right place! In this article, we provide information on all of the best gluten free breweries and cideries in Portland Oregon.

For each brewery we discuss, we provide details to help you decide whether that brewery is right for you. Whether you are looking for a quirky, laid back vibe, or somewhere with more of a rowdy atmosphere – there is a brewery on this list that will suit your tastes!

Characteristics of gluten free breweries

For each Portland brewery or cidery listed in this article, we provide a series of data points to help you determine which location is right for you. Specifically, we will provide information on the following characteristics.

  • Gluten free status. First, we note the gluten free status of each establishment. Specifically, we note whether each brewery is dedicated gluten free or whether there are also gluten-containing items served. Most of the locations listed below are dedicated gluten free establishments, but not all are.
  • Location. After that, we provide information about the location of each gluten free brewery and cidery. This includes information such as what part of the city it is located in, how easy it is to access via public transportation, and what landmarks it is close to.
  • Drink selection. After we talk about location, we provide information on the drink selection that is available at each brewery. This includes information about drinks that are brewed in house as well as drinks that are brought in from external sources.
  • Food food selection. Next, we talk about the food options that are available at or around each gluten free brewery or cidery. This includes information such as the quality of the food, whether the food is dedicated gluten free, and whether the food is served by the brewery itself or a partner establishment.
  • Atmosphere. After we talk about the food options that are available, we will take some time to describe the atmosphere of each Portland brewery.
  • Outdoor seating. We also provide information about outdoor seating. This includes information about both the quantity of outdoor seating that is available and the quality of the outdoor seating options.
  • Other highlights. Finally, we will spotlight any other highlights or memorable features that did not fit into the previous sections.

Our favorite gluten free breweries in Portland

In this section, we will provide information on breweries and cideries that we are intimately familiar with. Different people have different tastes and are looking for different things when they head out to a brewery, so we will not try to claim that one location is universally better or worse than the others. That being said, this list is roughly ordered to reflect our preference, with our absolute favorites listed at the top.

Mutantis Brewery and Bottle Shop

Mutantis taproom and bottle shop is at the top of our list for a reason and that is because we absolutely love it! Mutantis is a small, quirky taproom that offers a wide range of drink options ranging from beer and cider flights to cocktails. It is a great spot to hit up when you are looking for a chill vibe with some excellent music.

  • Gluten free status. Dedicated gluten free.
  • Location. Less accessible. Mutantis is located in North East Portland in an area that is somewhat removed from downtown. It is fairly easy to get to if you have a car, but it could be a little more difficult to access via public transit depending on where you are coming from. That is not to say that there are no public transit lines that go to that area, but you should expect to have a longer ride on a less frequent line. On the bright side, the Mutantis Taproom is located near the absolute best place to catch a move in Portland – The Kennedy School.
  • Drink selection. Amazing. Mutantis has a decent selection of beers and ciders on tap, but that is just the start. Mutantis also serves a wide variety of bottled and canned beers from gluten free breweries all over Oregon, such as Ground Breaker and Moonshrimp. In addition to this, they have a collection of carefully crafted cocktails on their menu that are absolutely divine.
  • Food. Mutantis does not serve food in house, but they do share a patio with a restaurant called Tamale boy that you can pick up food from. Tamale boy has a variety of gluten free options ranging from guacamole and queso fundido to tacos and tamales. If you are sitting outdoors, you can order food from Tamale Boy to the Mutantis outdoor seating area. Tamale Boy is not a dedicated gluten free establishment, but as someone who is very sensitive to cross contamination, I have never had any problems there.
  • Atmosphere. Our absolute favorite thing about Mutantis is the atmosphere. Mutantis has a quirky vibe that definitely makes you feel like you are in Portland keepin’ it weird. Expect to see lots of neon colors and references to the supernatural. The atmosphere is laid back and relaxed, with a soundtrack of mellow indie music. Mutantis is the perfect place to go if you have had a hard week and need to take some time to relax.
  • Outdoor seating. Mutantis has a large outdoor seating area with an array of seating options ranging from tiki bars to picnic tables and patio chairs. We recommend sitting outdoors and ordering some food from Tamale boy.
Cocktail from mutantis taproom in portland oregon
Beer flight from mutantis taproom in portland oregon

Ground Breaker Brewing Gastropub

Ground Breaker is another must see in Portland! Ground Breaker is a more traditional brewery and gastropub that has some of the most welcoming and entertaining staff of all of the Portland breweries. Even if it is your first time there, the staff will make you feel like you are a regular.

  • Gluten free status. Dedicated gluten free.
  • Location: Ground Breaker is not located in the heart of downtown, but it is very easy to access via car or public transit. It is also walking distance from most downtown areas if you are up for a little bit of a longer walk. Groundbreaker is also very close to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), as well as many river tours that depart from that area (I’m looking at you Willamette Jet Boat Excursions). Ground Breaker is located to the East of the river towards the Southern side of the city.
  • Drink selection. Groundbreaker has a range of beers they brew in house that are available for purchase. They usually have around 6 – 8 beers on tap that include a mixture of year round staples and seasonal brews. I personally love their IPAs.
  • Food food selection. While the type of food that is featured at Ground Breaker has changed over time, the food they do serve is always delicious and always gluten free. Most recently, Ground Breaker has been featuring food from Salvi PDX, which specializes in pupusas.
  • Atmosphere. When you are at Ground Breaker, you feel like you are at a local pub where everybody knows your name. The vibe is relatively laid back, so it is another great place to relax and destress after a long day.
  • Outdoor seating. There are picnic tables located in front of Ground Breaker that are available for anyone who prefers to enjoy their beverages outdoors.
  • Other highlights. We have mentioned this before, but the real highlight of Ground Breaker is the staff that keep this place running. They are extremely welcoming and always have a good story to tell. If you are the kind of person that likes to sit at the bar and chat with the bartender as you sip on a beer, then this is the place for you.
Beer from groundbreaker brewery in portland oregon
Canned beers from groundbreaker brewery in portland oregon

Schilling Cider House and Gluten Free Kitchen

Schilling Cider House is a trendy cider house that will blow you away with the range of gluten free ciders that are available. While many of the gluten free breweries on our list have more or a laid back atmosphere, the vibe at Schilling Cider House is a little more energized.

  • Gluten free status. Dedicated gluten free.
  • Location. Schilling Cider House is not located in the heart of downtown, but it is relatively close by. That means that it is easily accessible via car, public transportation, or a long walk. Schilling Cider House is less than a mile from Ground Breaker Brewing, so you might consider hitting both establishments on the same day. Schilling Cider House is located to the East of the river towards the Southern side of the city.
  • Drink selection. Schilling Cider House caters primarily to ciders, but boy do they have a wide range of ciders on tap. They serve a variety of ciders ranging from their own in-house ciders to visiting ciders that are brought in from external locations. Last time we were there, they had everything from apple cider and pear to mango cider and guava cider.
  • Food. Schilling Cider House has an in-house kitchen where they make food to order. The selection is not huge, but the food they do make is delicious. Their menu leans towards comfort foods and bar foods like nachos, wings, and corn dogs. It is entirely gluten free.
  • Atmosphere. Modern, trendy spot that is often packed with large groups of friends and family. It is more high energy than many of the other gluten free breweries and is one of your better options if you are looking to celebrate an occasion.
  • Outdoor seating. Schilling Cider House is located one story above ground level and has a large patio that overlooks the street from above. Around half of the seating at Schilling is outdoor seating, but the outdoor seating is very popular here so there may be more competition to get a table.
Cider flight from schilling cider house in portland oregon
Cider flight from schilling cider house in portland oregon

Deschutes Public House

The final location we will talk about is Deschutes Public House. We will start off by emphasizing that Deschutes is not a dedicated gluten free establishment and most of the options that they do offer are not gluten free. That being said, if you are looking for a place that has a mix of gluten free and gluten-containing options to satisfy a large crowd, Deschutes is one of the better options out there.

  • Gluten free status. Not dedicated gluten free
  • Location: Deschutes’s location is probably one of its best qualities. Deschuetes is located on the East side of the river, right in the middle of the bustling downtown area. That means that is a great place to stop in for a nightcap after a night on the town. Deschutes is very close to Portland landmarks like Ground Kontrol barcade and Powell’s Bookstore.
  • Drink selection. Deschutes has a very limited selection of gluten free options, but they generally have one or two gluten free beers available.
  • Food. The selection of gluten free food is a little better. They have wings, fries, steaks, burgers, and salads that can be made gluten free. That being said, their kitchen is not a dedicated gluten free kitchen.
  • Atmosphere: Deschutes Public House is a much larger establishment than most of the other breweries listed in this article. That means that they tend to draw larger parties and are more high energy. The atmosphere feels more like that of a large restaurant or bar.
  • Outdoor seating. There are a few outdoor tables that are available for those who are looking for outdoor seating.
Beer from Deschutes public house
Garlic fries from Deschutes public house

Other spots to check out

Before we wrap this up, we are going to take some time to call out a few spots that we have not mentioned yet. These are places that we have not been to many times, but we have heard good things about.

Moonshrimp Brewing

Moonshrimp is another dedicated gluten free brewery that brews beers in small batches. Moonshrimp is located in the South West portion of Portland further towards the outskirts of the city. Moonshrimp is a little bit out of the way if you are coming from downtown, which is one of the reasons that we have not been there much.

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